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Please call: 2076493845 to make an appointment, the masseuse will wait for you on time, thank you

Our services

We use hypoallergenic massage oil, and most customers tend to take off all their clothes or leave only their underwear. The massage table is equipped with sheets and blankets, so you will always be covered and not exposed. The masseur will lead you into the room, explain the process to you, and then leave the room so that you can take off your clothes in private and sit on the table. The masseur washes his hands, knocks on the door, and re-enters the room to make sure you are covered. You don’t need to do anything during the massage. The environment is dimly lit and music is played softly. You should use this time to relax. Close your eyes and get rid of daily stress. After the massage, I will leave the room again and wash my hands after getting dressed. Then, I will meet you in the reception area.

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